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Accounting & Financial Services


CATS Solutions provides full range of Outsourcing services in the area of Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Finance to all types of business over the globe. We help and support our clients by providing them financial services for sustainable improvements in their performance. Our perspective is global, and encompasses the full spectrum of accounts and finance. Our main objective is to help and support owners who like to reduce the operational costs by eliminating time spent on unproductive tasks and enhance business profitability through focusing on core business operations with efficiency and accuracy. Many of our valued clients saved almost 50% of their time and money with the help our advanced bookkeeping and financial expertise. We provide timely, accurate, and cost effective solutions with 24/7 availability of our resources and team.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping services include:

We value the confidentiality of the data of our prestigious clients, which is one of the basic reasons that we achieved the annual retention and renewal rate of 95% of our clients. In addition to our bookkeeping and accounting solutions, they have opted to engage us for our Business Support Solutions, such as IT Services and Web Marketing, to help move their business forward.