Accounting System & Integration

CATS Pvt Ltd has a team of professionals which is always looking forward to support our clients on 24/7 basis. We help our clients in selecting the appropriate software according to the nature of business and especially as per the requirements that will fulfill the accounting standards needed for a specific business. Small and medium businesses always have difficulty in finding an appropriate bookkeeper or an accountant that can properly maintain their books of accounts. Most of the times, SME’s growth reduces due to this reason because they don’t have enough financial resources to hire a person with forecasting and budgeting skills. We provide a full range of services including data entry till forecasting and budgeting with P&L and Balance sheet extracts. Following are a glance of our services:

  • Accounting Software Selection, Training and Implementation
  • Data Entry and Consultancy Services
  • Integration with Time Management, Billing etc.
  • Local and Remote assistance
  • Application Hosting through RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • Help Desk for client services and Training of staff for selected Accounting System
  • Software used: QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, etc.