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To become the preferred choice for outsourcing by providing unsurpassed quality, exemplary services and affordable prices leading to complete customer satisfaction and value to their shareholders.


The perquisites below are but a sampling of what we provide full-time employees who work a minimum of 40 hours per week. Employees engage in many activities that promote camaraderie, open communication, teamwork, and a balanced life. We outline for you various career paths to ensure your growth and stability.

Why choose us?

Our work experience in Projects like Calling Services, Offline Help Desk, Data Processing and other related services would make us a worthy and capable partner for your Back Office Operations.

  • partner for your Back Office Operations
  • deliver quality service to our clients in a timely manner
  • High quality assurance
  • Minimize costs and increase revenue
  • Trained Human Excellence Department
  • Full service one-stop shop

IT Services

IT-Serve places a great deal of emphasis in its values. These values outline our approach to our staff, our customers and our goal. The aim is to build a culture that not only embraces the needs of the customers but one that addresses the needs of the staff. By following the 6 values of our team will reach the goals of IT-Serve.


We help and support our clients by providing them financial services for sustainable improvements in their performance. Our perspective is global, and encompasses the full spectrum of accounts and finance.

Call Center World

C.A.T.S BPO has successfully provided outbound B2B marketing services. By fostering long-term marketing partnerships with our clients, we integrate outbound marketing into comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Our programs incorporate a customized, proactive approach to direct marketing efforts.

Web Development




Application Interface Design, Website Design, Mobile App GUI Design

Infrastructure Management

Website Hosting, Private Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers